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Bringing Quality Service & Customer Care to Mid-Missouri

About Us

How It All Started





My name is Dan Trim and I am the owner of Tiger Pawn.  Many people ask me, “How did you get into the pawnshop business”?  Well, that’s a long story but I’ll try to keep it short.  When I was 12 years old my dad was laid off at the Westinghouse plant in Jefferson City, Missouri.  He started a bail bonding business to make ends meet until he could find another job.  Within a couple of years that little bail bonding business quickly turned into a full time job.  


How I Got Into Pawning

During this time I was attending Jefferson City High School and worked as a grocery bagger and shopping cart jockey at the local Gerbes supermarket.  How does all this pertain to Tiger Pawn?  Well, as a bail bondsmen my dad would allow people to use their personal belongings in the place of cash to bond themselves out of jail.  As you can imagine, our basement quickly filled up with TV’s, stereo’s, tools, musical instruments, gold chains, gaming systems, and other various items.  

Upon my graduation from high school in 1990, I moved to Columbia and began attending the University of Missouri in the fall.  For extra money, I began working at a local bar as a bouncer and part time DJ.  My dad did not like me working in a bar, and decided it was also time to find a way to consolidate all of the collateral he had collected over the years.  So he approached Mr. Schacher and purchased Tiger Pawn in the spring of 1991.  I worked part time in Tiger Pawn until I graduated the University of Missouri in the spring of 1995.

At that time I became store manager and facilitated the opening of our second location in Fulton, Missouri.  In 2001 my dad decided to retire and I purchased the store from him.  Since then, I have opened stores in Boonville, Fulton and Mexico.  I am now married to my wonderful wife Mickie and we have two daughters, Taylor and Bella .  To spend more time with family and less time traveling, I have consolidated the Tiger Pawn business down to the two main locations; Columbia and Mexico. We continue to bring quality service and customer care to the Mid-Missouri area.





As the longest tenured employee of Tiger Pawn, I am currently the manager of Tiger Pawn’s Mexico location. I love my job because I get to impact people on a personal level every single day. Not just with money, but in a large variety of ways. I take pride in my ability to communicate with customers and I love being able to help and lend a hand for each of them in distinctly varying ways. I enjoy the personal relationships that I get to develop with each and every one of my customers. They trust me for my honesty and my willingness to try and help in any way that I am able to. There is something great about being in a position where you can actually help your customers when they are in need. I know a little bit about a lot of different things and working here suits my personality perfectly well. I love my job, my customers, and I love working for the best pawn shop in the area, Tiger Pawn!!!


Rob began working with Gold when he was young in his his stepfather’s Dental Lab. Welding on castings, soldering breaks and grinding away burs. It was a good time for me. In 1992, I was repairing jewelry in my house while attending Mizzou and working part time for a jewelry store at the Columbia Mall. Then in 1994, I decided to open a retail jewelry store focused on making, restoring, and repairing jewelry of all kinds for my growing client base. Since those beginnings, I have handled thousands of pieces of jewelry while making, selling and repairing items for our clients. After 15 years of service, I sold the business in 2009 so that I could better focus on my family. I first met Dan in 1997 while repairing some jewelry for his father, Floyd Trim. Here I am today, coaxed from early retirement by Dan, to help our clients at Tiger Pawn. I enjoy helping customers with their short term financial loan needs, selling cool things such as firearms, jewelry and modern electronic gadgets like smart phones, tablets, and laptops.



Working at Tiger Pawn is less like a job for me and more like a family. Very few jobs have such a great atmosphere. I enjoy the variety and every day is truly a different experience. I enjoy the diversity of the customers and how every situation is so different. I love that this job requires an analytical, yet logical, mind in order to solve each customer’s unique situation.


Joe, manager of Tiger Pawn’s Columbia location, is originally from south Florida. Joe and his wife Pattie moved to Columbia in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2011 that Joe strolled thru the door at Tiger Pawn. Shortly thereafter, Joe found himself behind the counter using his vast knowledge of computers and electronics to quickly rise to store manager. Always eager to help, Joe is a fixture in the Tiger Pawn family.


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