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Pawn Loans

Safety Net Loans

For years, Tiger Pawn has been providing safety net loans to families that encounter sudden financial emergencies. Small loans that are offered by pawnshops are vital, and aren’t offered by banks and other traditional lending institutions. These loans are important to help people who need fast loans but can’t risk affecting their credit score.

These loans usually end up costing less than bank overdraft fees, utility reconnect fees or credit card late fees that are fined to you when you don’t pay your bills. If you repay us, you get your item back and the only additional fee you pay us is the interest rate, which we determine together before the exchange. Another great benefit is that if you are unable to pay us, your credit score remains unaffected. We simple sell the item you have given us to refund the loan we have given you.

For example, a $80 pawn loan at 20% for 30 days would cost you about $16.

Flexible Payment Options

Here at Tiger Pawn we want to work with you to create flexible payment options. You have 90 days pick up your merchandise once you’ve taken a loan out against it, but we also accept partial payments and extend it if you can’t pay for the interest. Most pawnshops only accept interest on or full payment of the loan, but we are unique because we allow our customers to lower the principle on their loan if needed.

At Tiger Pawn, if a customer wishes, they may pay their interest and apply any extra money they may have at the time to lower the principle. We want to be flexible so that you can self-finance the pickup of your valuables and make it easier on people who are on a tight budget.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You bring an item of value that you own into one of our shops;
  2. We give you a loan based on a percentage of that item’s worth;
  3. We keep the item until you repay the loan, and give it back when you do!

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